Automotive Dealer Management System Market Players, Competition, Situation & Trends Research Report

Automotive Dealer Management System Market
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Market Overview

Growing demand for enhanced sales tracking, better inventory management, improved customer relationship management (CRM), and easier commission and insurance calculation, in addition to technological advancements in dealer management systems (including data analytics and marketing tools) is expected to drive the global automotive dealer management system market in the coming years.

Based on application, the automotive dealer management system market has been categorized into sales, finance, inventory management, dealer tracking, CRM, and others. The market for inventory management is expected to grow at a fast pace during the forecast period. This can be attributed to improvements in resource utilization, which are helping the players in the automotive industry make significant profits.

Automotive dealer management systems are of two types: public and private. Of the two, the private category held the larger share in the market during the historical period. This can be mainly ascribed to the growth in the number of private companies offering these systems in the automotive industry. Also, the public companies offering these systems are fewer in number as compared to the private companies operating in the industry.

Globally, North America had a significant share in the automotive dms market, owing to the wide acceptance of advanced technologies in the U.S. automotive industry, which is one of the major markets for dealer management systems, and the high concentration of major global players, such as CDK Global LLC, The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, and DealerTrack Holdings Inc., in the region. Also, the incorporation of fleet management analytics in the North American automotive industry is on the rise, which is boosting the market growth in the region.


The automotive industry has witnessed a lot of technological advancements in recent years, with the introduction of modern methods in various functional areas, such as supply chain logistics, retailing and leasing, connected vehicles, and mobility solutions. The automotive dealer management system sector has also undergone significant changes due to this transformation, and the market growth is mainly driven by improvements in inventory management and pre- and after-sales analytics. Besides, increasing investments in CRM are helping the players in the market maintain client relationships and gain new customers in the process.

Market Competitive Landscape

The global automotive dealer management system market comprises both public and private players and is mainly characterized by increasing investments toward product development and growing number of partnerships and strategic acquisitions between players as an effort toward strengthening their market position. Some of the major players in the industry are CDK Global LLC (formerly known as Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Dealer Services), The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, DealerTrack Holdings Inc. (a subsidiary of Cox Automotive Inc.), Dominion Enterprises, incadea GmbH, and International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation.

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The report will also provide country-wise analysis of the market. Some of the major countries covered in the report are the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, China, India, Japan, Thailand, the U.A.E., South Africa, Brazil, and Australia.

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