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Linear Accelerators for Radiation Market 2019 Industry Trends, Size, Share, Growth Opportunities, Emerging Technologies, Regional, Key Players and Forecast to 2024

Snapshot Linear Aclecerators (for Radiation) is a device that uses high Radio-Frequency (RF) electromagnetic waves to accelerate charged particles (i.e. electrons) to high energies in a linear path, inside a tube like structure called the accelerator waveguide. The resonating cavity frequency of the medical LINACs is about 3 billion Hertz

Linear Encoders Market 2019 Overview by Industry Dynamics, Cost Structure Analysis, Supply-Demand, Growth Opportunities Key Players and Forecast 2024

Snapshot The encoder can be either incremental or absolute. Motion can be determined by change in position over time. Linear encoder technologies include optical, magnetic, inductive, capacitive and eddy current. Optical technologies include shadow, self-imaging and interferometric. Linear Encoders are used in metrology instruments, motion systems and high precision machining